New Vision Connections
Truly Holistic Event
5th & 6th March 2011
(11:00 am – 5.30 pm)
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| Kyle Gray |
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Kyle Gray - The Angel Whisperer

Kyle Gray was once recognised as the youngest medium in the UK. Now Kyle, 22, the Scottish Sun's Angel Whisperer - is helping provide the evidence of survival and guiding people forward by communicating with their guardian angels and loved ones in spirit. With his straight to the point but yet diplomatic approach, Kyle is here to help heal you and your life.

Join Kyle in this exclusive upfront demonstration of Mediumship and Angel communication. Working his way around the room, Kyle will aim to communicate with your Angels and your Loved ones providing evidence and insight to your life. With his unique style and approach Kyle will help warm the hearts of the audience and those chosen to be read alike. Does your Angel have a message for you? Is a loved one desperate to share their love and support - come and experience it for yourself!