New Vision Connections
Truly Holistic Event
5th & 6th March 2011
(11:00 am – 5.30 pm)
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| Joan Frances Boyle |
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Joan Frances Boyle - Mind Navigator

Joan Frances JFBhas been mediumistic all her life. In 1987 she decided to work in the public eye, this involved Spiritualist Healing and Spirit Communication. Since then she has continued on a path of Professional Development. Amongst Joan Frances’s achievements are; qualifying as an approved Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist (incorporating all 60 aspects of Hypnosis). She is also qualified in Indian Head Massage, Energetic Sensory Therapy (E.S.P.) and Mythic Tarot.

Joan Frances has many strings to her bow and she is widely known for her expertise in Aura and Chakra Interpretations and her wonderful Guided Meditations. She has created a collection of Cd’s, which will help you relax, develop and heal your self. Joan Frances wanted to make this colourful and fascinating world of Auras more accessible to others and so created a 3 stage teaching system called Reading Auras Intuitively©, Chakra Discovery©, and Healing Intuitively© known as Hi Therapy© thus helping others reach their natural potential.

Aura CamJoan Frances owns a wonderful visual aid called The Aura Video Station, which allows the audience to see the representation of the Human Aura instantly on screen, instead of just being told how it looks. Joan Frances has successfully combined her natural talent of Aura Interpretation and Readings with this visual aid to demonstrate live, the instant effects (good and bad) that various Therapies / Colours / Crystals and Foods etc have on the human Auric body. The Aura Video Station is a marvelous visual aid, which can also record and print the Aura illustrations and various informative reports. Joan Frances conducts both private and public demonstrations at home and abroad.

In April 2009 Joan Frances gained her qualification as an Executive Firewalking Instructor and membership of Firewalking Institute for Research and Education (F.I.R.E), which included many mind focusing techniques. Now she sets herself and her Fire team the task of utilising her expertise and has entered into partnership with Charity and Foundational Organisations to help them raise much needed money to complete their projects.

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